Zuma Blitz Strategy

Whether it's for leisure fun or achieving high score in Zuma Blitz, we all want the best strategy and guide. This is especially true when you are up against 10 to 20 of your friends who are all playing Zuma Blitz and getting high scores in this Facebook game application!

Here's some strategies that you should make use of. I'll lay them down here. Shooting down these strategies one by one and practicing until you get them right is very key.

Strategy 1 - Shoot faster

Although this strategy is very simple to understand, it is not easy to execute at all! Why? This is simply because you can't just increase your shooting speed within the next hour! It's like riding a bicycle or learning something similar... It takes time. But you should keep in mind that you should practice for more speed everytime you play Zuma Blitz. Recently, PopCap (company of Zuma Blitz) has even came up with the More tab after you finish a game. Look at how much the speed affects your score!

Strategy 2 - Get at least 2 hot frogs in every round

How do you get the hot frogs? Well, my friend, all you do is shoot faster! This is why mastering how to shoot fast is very important. If you don't know how to shoot fast, how could you get hot frogs? I'm saying this because hot frogs are the key to getting very high scores, not to mention the hot frog's blast shots are very much responsible for scoring the time and multiplier balls.

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